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Thursday, May 19, 2005



ooh ooh! First off, I love how the alpaca looks held with the other strand of yarn... very eau naturale... or something. Anyhoo, I like it!

As far as row counting goes, I don't count rows usually on my socks... oh, the horror, right? But with sweaters, it's a must. I currently use the little barrel ones because they are on the needle, otherwise I'd never remember to turn it and would probably lose it... or my son would swipe it.

I think your labelling idea is a great idea.


I think that if you use row counters it's a great idea. I, for one, never got the hang of them, and constantly forgot if I flipped the next row. I just got good at counting my rows and keeping track that way.


Those row counters are great -- where are they sold? I'd love to pick some up. I use row counters too, but the kind on the end of the needle, which sometime click back (thus defeating the purpose of even using them!)

And, it's not retentive, it's attention-to-detail!!


Lady, where do I start?

This idea of keeping track of rows, even if the pattern says something like "knit even until 8" from cast-on" is completely familiar to me. I also, for the love of a higher power, cannot count rows after they're knitted - do you count the loop on the needle, the little V coming out of the cast-on, etc.? I keep a row count for every project (pretty much), although I either tick on the pattern or use the little barrel thing... the click-click of the ones you use would annoy me, I think, plus they're more expensive. Since the barrel ones fit on the needles, I don't have to label them. If they didn't fit on the needle, yes, I would label them.

The water dating: no comment.


I don't think its that silly! Better to count, the to have to frog the whole thing like I have on numerous occassions...

So, all in all, I think you are totally normal (though this is coming from another obsessive knitter, so my view might be a bit skewed!) :)

Love the swatch and can't wait to see socks! My blue socks are, grr, not quite done, but must be over the weekend. I have 4.5 inches done of the foot!


I SO support what you're doing. It's logical, sensible, intelligent... and I just can't manage it (does that mean I'm none of the above?). I rarely use markers, even for lace, -- they're upstairs, I'm downstairs, oh well, I'll do without. For rows, I just count periodically. Keeps me on my toes. I can understand the thrill of the click though.

Love that alpaca held together. When I first looked at the pic I thought it was a yarn made like that. Good stash reduction plan.


oooo... I love the combo of fibers.


LOL... if I didn't already have things that worked well for me, I would SO be doing what you are. I can see myself having row counters for each project, and having to find a solution to avoid mixing them up. I personally think it's brilliant.

What I do depends a lot on the project I'm working on. If it's just do such and such every x rows, then I do tick marks in my PDA.

If each row is a little different, and I have to keep track of what to do on each row as well as which row I'm on, then I'll use a mini sticky note, and just move it to line up with the top of the instructions for the next row after I finish a row (I keep my patterns in plastic sleeves, which makes this easier). If I repeat the set of instructions over and over again, I'll make tick marks on the sticky note after each pattern repeat.


I waste a lot of time counting and recounting rows on the needle. But, there's really no alternative. If I had to keep track of another smallish object it would be disastrous. Let's just say, I'm locked out of my house today because I tempted the gods by moving my house keys, and they've vanished. Clearly, I'm not qualified to own row counters.

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