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Sunday, June 05, 2005



Hey there,

"Multiringel" means something like "multi-stripes", that you get many stripes (or rings) in different colors. "Meilenweit" means "miles and miles", or "miles away".

Cheers from Regia-country,


I LOVE your new socks! Those ones for your dad are going to be great... They are very man-ish! I wish I could make my dad socks, but he is THE MOST simple person ever and has his own remodeling business (hence, the highlight of his life is new tools)... He wears those carpender socks that you can get for 50 cents each! Totally WOULD NOT appreciate them...

I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with having a few pairs of socks going at once. Its cool you found something that you love to knit. I am like that with bags.

Have a great week Paula!


I'm really loving the cuff detailing on your Surf Socks!


Why am I the only knitter ever who doesn't enjoy sock knitting?

Love those manly stripes!


Ooo, I like those colors for the man socks! I think the "Lana Grossa" *does* soften up after washing, more and more after each wash. I think someone told that to me a few weeks ago. Your summer socks are very cute, great job on those! I have much to say about the padded footlet, too. I'm curious what you have to say...


Happy socks! Lovely!
Oh, and I have to say that I really love your photos too. :-)


I love the surf socks! Can you remind us what the pattern is? The cuff is awesome.


First of all, I totally agree with your two catagories of WIPs. Socks totally don't count in the whole scheme of things!

Those colors in the Padded Footlet are your colors! The same as the Scarlett colors you have. Summer is here, when will you start knitting on that lovely cotton?

Lastly, I love the surf socks, the cuff is great and the height is perfect. Go wear them out!


I wanna eat your socks - they look yummy.

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