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Friday, June 03, 2005



Yes, I do like that Jo Sharp yarn, and the color, of course, is my favorite part! Hopefully the Maths don't drive you bonkers :). I have a feeling it will work out just fine, even if the left brain gets involved!


You are even more methodical than I am. Great job!


I love the red -- that's going to be one great sweater.


I love the Jo Sharp.. It looks like such a wonderful yarn and I have yet to try! Yay sock #2... its coming along nice.

Glad you liked my kitty pictures! Have a great weekend!

the country girl

The red yarn is beautiful. My favorites color to knit. And who wouldn't want a pair of those stripes socks? They look good enough to eat! Remind me of sherbert flavs. yum!


Nice yarn...love that red. You have got the best digital camera - mine won't take nice texture shots like that - the focus goes all wonky. I'll have to tinker with the settings tonight...see if I can get myself some yarn porn.

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