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Monday, November 21, 2005



I have to say, I would have done the same. I"m rather impulsive, especially when it comes to fiber!
A hint for baby gifts though....I love the cap patterns at littleturtleknits.com
I have both the pilot cap and the new bonnet one. Its my staple baby knitted gift patterns. They knit up incredibly quick and are too cute


Rogue, rogue, rogue, rogue! No pressure ;) hee hee.. No worries on the kit. We all have those moments!


The hat is cute!! I usually make bright things for babies and the mothers always are enchanted--at least they say they are enchanted....


Oh man... that looks like a birthday cake. Or at least an over-decorated cupcake.


I have to agree. There's just too much happening with that hat. Each thing (stripes, bobbles, color blocks) would be fine by itself, but all together it seem too busy.

Purly Whites

Yikes, that actually kinda scares me. I can see why you were drawn to it, but you are smart to just let it go.


oh man, that is one crazy hat. I couldn't see it on a newborn either. I get the appeal of a kit though; sometimes its just nice to knit and follow directions without thinking about it.


I can see why the had would appeal to you. At first glance, it does look cute. But then you think about someone actually wearing the hat, and all of a sudden it's not so cute. But babies and litte kids can get away with (and often like) things that are a bit busier than things you might wear yourself.


Wow. Now there's a loud hat. I normally go for hideously bright color combinations, but that is just too bright. Even for me, the queen of pink and orange. Sorry it didn't work out for you!


Well...it's cute but I will agree it is a tad bit much. BUT it's really not that bad. I wouldn't rip it out but find a young child with more of an olive or darker complexion. A pale child like mine couldn't pull it off but someone with a little color probably could!


The Rogue fans slink off, disappointed again...


Seriously, some lady came up to me in the Whole Foods yesterday and pawed at my Rogue and fawned a bit. Just sayin'. All this could be yours.

Teresa C

I'll swap photos on Turkey Day! :) So get seaming!


whoa, those colors are a bit psychedelic aren't they. Maybe they are meant for hippy babies? There's nothing wrong with kits in my book.


Yeah, the colors seem a bit bright for a baby...but it could be a cute hat for an older child!


I love bright clothes for small kids, and I at first thought this kit was ok. I have to say I've rethought and agree that it really is too much. Too much color, too much patterning. Rip it and reuse the yarn to make a toy. Alphabet blocks are one idea I thought of looking at the colors. Blocks can be as bright as anything and still be cute. Plus, you wouldn't use all the colors in each block!


No offense, but that's a bit garish for anyone. Really because there's too much patterning happening in that hat all over. I do like many of the colors, but not all of them together. I'm glad the new baby will have something else to grace her presence. Ahem, still waiting on Rogue . . . jus' sayin' is all.


It does seem a bit much for a newborn, but for a toddler it looks like it would be cute. But I'll take your word for it that the colors on the screen are far from true to life...in which case it might be scary.


Agree with Martha on all counts. There is room for improvement--and improvisation--here. Why not design a better pattern motif and just use the warm or cold tones?


Wow!! That is the craziest hat I've ever seen - what were the people putting that kit together smokin? I'm with you on something a little more subdued for a new born. If you know a super-hyper 3 or 4 year old, it's probably perfect for them though.
Also, your Birch beading is very interesting...I honestly think I would have given up. Glad to see it's working out!


I think that the hat looks amazing. But, I see your side of the story with wanting it to be for an older baby. So, maybe make a simple hat for now and then save this one for the future.

Janet Baker

I just don't know what you're talking about! I looked at the hat before I read the blog and I loved it at first sight! A baby would look adorable in it! The colors and textures speak of life in a world of richness and large gestures, a forgiving world. What more could a new soul ask for?

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