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Tuesday, November 15, 2005



Wow, what an adventure! Looks like you found a great solution.

I, too, have done the gazillion-stitch cast on in KSH. (http://www.twosheep.com/blog/?p=85)


Breathtaking post! I'm so happy you found a solution that isn't going to drive you insane, and still produces the nice flat beaded stitches :). Looks great from here!


Wow...what a project. Absolutely beautiful colour.


Blessings on you my dear...and when should I send the case of wine???
btw, gorgeous!!!


I was holding my breath waiting for how you solved this one. Great to hear that you hit upon a solution that doesn't seem too arduous.

I just love that color!


So glad you took the easy route! ;-O

I love the color. Looks like an acid green, on my screen.

Can't wait to see the finished Rogue!


you brave, brave girl!


Wow Paula. I always thought you had to pre-string beads. But I guess in some cases, you don't. I can't wait to see how this looks. Patience, it's going to take a lot of patience, but it will be worth it in the end!


You're truly brave and amazing! And inventive too :-)


Paula, that is some crazy-assed project. But in an awe-inspiring way.


Good luck.

julia fc

I love the idea. I think it will make the shawl hang beautifully and give it a little added oomph, what with all the other birches out here (but not as many as you might think, since bloggers and their non-blogging pals represent a tip of the knitted iceberg from what I can tell) Have fun.


And to think I was feeling good for picking mine up again! That's WORK! But it will be so, so pretty :) Adore that green shade - your luscious photos are making me want it more.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

That is going to be a breathtaking shawl. Love the color with the beads.


Clever solution! That is going to be one pretty shawl.


How nice that you have made all that swearing and thinking for us! This is a great solution and a lovely, neat piece of work. Thank you for the tip!


Wow...you are one seriously determined chick! It's going to look awesome..I LOVE the color. I'm green with envy..hahahaha


Wow, the big eye needle was going to be my suggestion, so I'm glad that you got something to work for you! I can't wait to see your Beaded Birch!



You are crazy and amazing.


holy crap dude, holy crap.
I love your solution and your KSH color (jelly?).


Oh yeah, you're crazy. But if you're really going to do this (really?), I think you've definitely chosen the right way to go. Pre-stringing would not have been pleasant. It will be gorgeous when you're done!


Woofah. Now that is extreme knitting! Good luck and please don't go insane.


oh, you are knitting all the cool projects, Paula! Rogue, and Birch...both look like they will turn out lovely. Nice job figuring out the beading!


I began following this post with a complete and total lack of understanding because:

a. I've never used Kidsilk Haze
b. I've never knitted lace
c. I've never attempted beads

But your explanation was succinct, and as I approached the final picture I actually said, out loud, "Ahhh! *That's* how it works!" Dh looked oddly at me (he thinks I shouldn't talk back to the laptop screen...) but you made it *so* clear that I find myself wanting, nay, needing to run out and buy yarn and beads and patterns and little tiny needles-to-be-used-as-crochet-hooks.

Thanks for a great visual lesson!


Impressive!! How ingenious!! What is the saying, necessity is the mother of invention??? Creative, innovative, home made solutions are the best.


I can't wait to see this completed! I love me some Jelly! The beads will make it look even more lovely!

I am at about the same place with my birch, heres to hoping that it gets easier and go faster.


Yes, knitting is supposed to be fun and I love you idea of the addition of beads. Birch will be so lovely when finished. What's up with Rogue, chica?


Wow, that does seem like a lot of work, but definitely worth it to have your own customized Birch!

Purly Whites

That is such the best green in the world!! You are brilliant to figure this out and make it work for you. Paula 1, beads 0.


I'm praying, believe me I am!


Hi there- found you via Moth Haven- Julia's sent a few of us by to sat hello.
I'm loving your work! birch in that colour looks amazing- and I love your lateral thinking with the bead threader.


Wow. Just wow.


That has to be the most beautiful shade of KSH I have ever seen. Seriously... I am totally in awe. Gorgeous.


So lovely to "meet" another person who's decided to bead something that the writer didn't plan on beading! I'm donig the same thing (using that lovely crochet hook technique) to the Weeping Willow Shawl (by Two Old Bags). As it gets wider, that beading row starts to make you wonder WHAT you were thinking. Doing in on somthing that starts wide and gets narrower makes so much more sense!

Helen, who has resisted Birch so far, but will eventually succumb...


brilliant solution! much better than that rip-a-repeat-pre-threading method!

now you have me wondering where i can work some beads into my projects.

ps - where's rogue? we want rogue!


i am so damn impressed! i knit birch ages ago and the idea of adding a bead to each leaf is mildly insane! ;-)

i love the colour though. you have great taste in projects.


Wow!! What a brilliant idea and method of adding beads! I've always thought 'prebeading' was just tooo much to do! I love this approach. You are very brave and smart!! Lovely Birch. Can't wait to see it finished.

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