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Thursday, January 12, 2006



Go Olive, go! Finish those Koigu socks!


Look at all that crafty rationalization going on!!! I can't blame you though. Knitting on size 1s, you deserve another project! I plan on doing Jaywalkers next too.


Gorgeous socks, gorgeous knitting as usual. And, I too have feet that are too slim for 72sts in fingering weight. Thank you for making me feel normal. I was beginning to think I was the odd sock knitter out.


I forgot about those! The colors are so pretty. When I get through at least 6 pairs of the sock yarn I have now I will let myself buy some.

That is, of course, unless I buy some sooner ;)

ps - you *definitely* need another project! i mean, what will we do without some regular updates? (how's that for enabling?)

now can i go buy some sock yarn?


i love the color of those socks. so pretty


We are in a red phase now, I see! The socks look teriffic - I too was pleasantly surprised by the JaWoll when I used it, made a very nice pair of socks, that my dear husband says are "too nice" to wear!! I'm taking them back.


Those Jawoll socks are gorgeous!

Cast on new socks - scads of them! That always leads to knitting dilemmas and deadlines crises. If you're trying to keep us entertained, that'll definitely add drama and excitement. ;)


Spey Valley is one of my favorite patterns. I knit it twice and wear the socks often. Love the red you chose!


Beautiful! I love the colorway.


That is a yummy colour!

Beth S.

Those socks are just gorgeous! What a great color. I'm wondering now if they need to be my next Nancy Bush pair, too...


I gave away my spey valley socks - maybe I'll have to start another. On a related note, why, oh, why did they discontinue Folk Knitting in Estonia? I know there are still copies available, but not from my favorite etailers . . .


Those socks are gorgeous. I absolutely love the color! It's great!

Purly Whites

Eh, just cast-on, no rationalization is needed.

Do you know how excited I am to try the vikkel braid? So excited!

I love these socks and I'm so glad you are near finishing so your feet can be warm and toasty.


Yes, cast on, cast on. The more projects, the merrier for us all!


My, those are beautiful socks! They really are gorgeous, I love that shade of red, the color variations, and the texture. What shade of Ja Woll is that?


Beautiful socks! I just finished a pair for myself today too.. It is very satisfying :)


Those are very nice, and a great color. I haven't knitted with Ja Woll yet, but I have enjoyed working with other blended sock yarns. You're right, they're not as soft as merino, but they do wear really well.


Paula, those socks are gorgeous!

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