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Sunday, January 08, 2006



Hope your grandfather's test results are good! Glad to hear you're feeling healthier, too.

As always, gorgeous photos of your works in progress. And indeed, that seems more like a hoof than a foot, it's so tiny! :)


I'll think positive thoughts for your grandpa. I hope he's feeling better soon and I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better.

Beautiful socks and sweater. As always!


I hope your Grandpa feels better soon. And sorry to hear you were sick too! Poor thing, I'm the same way, if I don't knit for a day, that means I'm feeling really, really crappy. The sweater & sock looks great though. That Koigu is so pretty!


i think it's the time of the year for getting colds...i came down with one today. but you're right -- being able to knit really keeps you sane. i did a lot of knitting and waiting with my mom lately. it helps with the coping more than i would have even imagined!

the koigu sock looks great and i'm sending grandpa good wishes that he's feeling better real soon.


So sorry to hear about your grandfather and hope he is doing better. I'm sorry you've been sick and hope you are feeling better as well. I kind of wonder if you have blogged about that Koigu sock before. It looks familiar to me. The color is great.


Paula, Elizabeth I is looking amazing. I love the two lines of waist shaping! I hope your grandfather gets feeling a lot better-soon! I'll be thinking about ya'll. Cheers, mate.


So glad that you are feeling better, and I really hope that your Grandpa is okay. The socks look lovely!


I hope you get great news about your grandpa soon! And I'm glad you are feeling better.
All the knitting looks gorgeous

Purly Whites

Hope your Grandpa is okay! Love the sock, love the sweater. Continue to take it easy and drink lots of juice.


I hope all turns out well with your Grandpa and that your cold continues to recede into the mists of history.


I hope you and your Grandpa are feeling better.

Elizabeth is beautiful and I LOVE the greens on those socks.

Isn't it awful when you WISH you were sick so you could stay home and knit. Then, when you're SICK, you don't want to knit! So unfair!


That sounds like it was an eventful weekend, not in a good way.

Hey, I think my sister Silvia made that Elizabeth sweater quite a few years ago. I recall she had some issues. Feel free to touch base with her if you want to know more.


I hope you feel better soon! Your Elizabeth I sweater is turning out beautifully. I particularly love the cable and the waist shaping.

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