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Sunday, January 01, 2006



How about "She Who Must Not Be Named" (SWMNBN) in fine Harry Potter style?

The unnamed knitting that you are creating is lovely!


i'm with chris, the knitting that cannot be mentioned from the unmentionable SWMNBN is absolutely delightful. the colour is mesmorising!


I received a very stylish pin cushion for Christmas, a donut. I've posted a photo on my blog.

I love your photos.


Gorgeous sweater, I look forward to your progress! It's fun to dance around naming the one who cannot be named, isn't it? :)


I'm all for refering to the lady as SWMNBN. I canna believe you are knitting a sweater on US1's! ::hides her jumper on US 10.5's::


I also wanted to show you this pattern for a cupcake shaped pincushion: http://members.aol.com/cillcrochets/cupcake.html


Oh, so envious you have Her gorgeous book :) The bruhaha about Her name is really strange though. Your version is gonna turn out really beautiful!


that sweater will be gorgeous! you always pick such great colors :)

ps - happy new year to you too!


It's a gorgeous sweater by You Know Who.


Gorgeous sweater in an amazing color! I have long loved that pattern and can't wait to see your version.


What a beautiful project to start the new year. Happy knitting!


Well, I've read on a few fair isle lists that much of that "scandal" is overblown. She's had litigation with commercial pattern and yarn companies but doesn't go around seeking to sue anyone who writes her name or links to her site in a non-commercial way. Now all of that is just my understanding and may not be correct. However, Girl from Auntie has some dish on this, too: http://www.girlfromauntie.com/journal/index.php?s=alice+starmore&submit=Search



I don't understand the issue with Her name. How can you know to find Her patterns if you don't know who the heck you're talking about?!


If you can't even use "AS" then how about "AS(S)"? Seems more fitting anyway after some of the stuff I've read.


Awesome! I knit Liz last year. It was definitely an epic project at that guage, but totally worth it. Have fun with yours! It's so nice to see someone else knitting it, as there seem to be so few of us bloggers who have.


Nothing like relaxing with some knitting after the craziness of the holidays :)

This whole situation with She Who Must Not Be Named is really ridiculous. I suppose this kind of thing was due to happen. I've been seeing a few silly things going on around. Maybe it was in the LJ knitting community, but there was a grumble about whether or not it was right to post pictures of a completed copyrighted pattern on a website. *rolls eyes* People are lawsuit happy me thinks.


Ooh, that sweater is going to be gorgeous!! And how silly she who must not be named is. I agree with a previous commenter, how are we supposed to know whose pattern you're knitting if you're not allowed to tell us? Seems a tad counterproductive to me. Can't wait to see your progress.


I like the tomato. AND the sweater. Happy New Year!


Gotta love the paper plates. You top off the day as being the blogger with the best utilization of paper products :) Beautiful.. show me more!


I love the yarn you chose for the sweater! There are several sweaters from that book I'd like to make.


Don't know nothin' 'bout no trademarks. Although I'd be happy to get you out of jail, just in case.



This is turning out really cute and am looking forward to seeing the progress. I'm not sure about the "v-neck" part of it, but I LOVE the edging. And is that considered full figure shaping? What kind of decreases are those? They look different.


Elizabeth I is lovely - great red! And congrats on getting a wheel - I'm afraid to even try a spindle because I know it will bet the end of me.


I love the color! And what a gorgeous pattern. Not too sure about knitting on sz 1s, but if it makes you happy, go with that!


Oh, oh! Beautiful! I love the princess shaping, the color, the delicacy, everything. Nice start to the year!


That sweater looks beautiful so far. The bizarre trademark drama is not beautiful. People amaze me!

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