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Tuesday, February 28, 2006



they look great! so comfy, i'm sure. the aran sandal socks have always been on my radar. i can't wait to see how yours develop!


Beautiful! I love the brightness of the green - perfect for Spring, if it ever gets here.


I have to admit, I'm pretty addicted to socks at the moment too. I don't really have time for big, invovled projects. Your socks turned out great!


I love that green! They look like they fit you perfectly. Im so happy you're having fun with socks


Nancy Bush is a goddess and her patterns... well, they produce socks like yours! Look at those pretty shells! Enjoy wearing them!


Sa-weet indeed-y.


Nothing wrong with socks, I say.


Really, you don't need to knit anything other than socks! I love to knit socks and I love seeing your gorgeous pictures of socks. :)


oooo - gotta get me some of that Lorna's Laces ad do the child's sock. your photography is so great - i can almost feel that sock. inspirational!


Love the closeups!

Just out of curiosity... you had a lot of leftover Lorna's, but how much did you start with? 2 skeins? 3 skeins?


I'm also on a sockfest these days. They're so soothing, and I love how portable they are. Those socks are really gorgeous!

so... are you a loose knitter? Now you have me curious. I've only knit Lorna's on size 1s, but now am wondering about the siren call of size 0s...

Beth S.

No need for promises. If socks are what turns your crank right now, then knit socks! You should never argue with the Muse. She knows what's good for you.

This pair is awesome, by the way.


I'm right there with you when it comes to socks, Lorna's Laces, and Addi Turbos! It's really a same that we have to wear shoes and cover up our beautiful socks.


Your socks are beautiful! The Child's First Sock is my traveling companion. The pattern is so intuitive and comes together so beautifully. Great job!


Your socks look fantastic! Maybe you could use the leftovers to make some ankle socks/footlets?


Beautiful socks (and gorgeous stitch definition too)! I love the color, but I am obsessed with green, so that makes a lot of sense. I love the Socks Socks Socks book. I really want to make the ones with the Spanish sock poem on them someday, maybe out of my socks that rock. I just finished some Lorna's socks too, and I think I'm going to make flip flop socks with the leftovers (you know, the kind that are short with just one toe).


You go, girl! You must have the best sock wardrobe ever.


Those socks turned out beautifully! Love 'em!


Those socks are too die for, the colour is stunning. Thank you for sharing them


Love your socks, but I find the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock very hard on my hands, and quite prone to splitting on me. Don't know what's up with that, but I have been looking to get rid of 2 skeins of the stuff, and no one I know will take it...


Those look great! You are such a sock fanatic, now. It is a great pattern and I hope you find another pattern that will complement the yarn.


More socks? Bring 'em on. Love me da socks.


oh wow! these socks are just gorgeous. i also can't wait to see your next foot creations!


Feel no obligation to knit anything but socks! Maybe I say that because all I want to knit is socks!

Those really turned out great! I just love that green..


They look great. Keep knitting the socks if it makes you happy. I love that green too!


what a gorgeous pair of green socks!!!


These socks are simply amazing! Beautiful!

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