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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Cindy D

What a lovely pattern! Where can it be found?
Yes...Lorna's yarn is wonderful! I'm wearing some socks knit with it as I write.


"I clicked with the pattern and haven't so much memorized it as I've intuitively picked up on the logic begind the pattern. I can figure out what needs to be done just by looking."

I love it when this happens! It's heavenly to knit on something that's interesting, but you don't have to constantly refer to charts or written instructions.


Very cool when that happens! They're really fun, too.


Pretty color. Spring-like, even.


Nice bright cheerful spring color! Perhaps Easter socks?


that pattern was made for that yarn - thanks much for this inspiration!


I'm knitting the same socks (from Knitting Vintage Socks), and I have the same experience with the pattern - it just seems so logical, and... how to describe it? It just makes sense, no need to read the instructions after half a pattern repeat *hehe*


Your socks are lovely! It really is an intuitive pattern and so fun to knit! I'm thinking what to use for my *second* pair already!


I likey!


Gorgeous! I had forgotten that you were working on these socks.

Purly Whites

Perfect yarn for the perfect socks! Glad you are enjoying these.


What a gorgeous colour! To a sock virgin *blush* like me, they look very complicated. I am going to have to try some socks soon to see what the fuss is about!


The socks look great! I have that pattern on needles right now, too, and likewise had a hard time memorizing it........got it down now, but I didn't get it until the 2nd sock.......duh!


What a beautiful green! How neat that the pattern now comes easily...I love how we change and grow (usually for the better) as knitters!


What a gorgeous color, and it is perfect with this pattern!

Beth S.

Nice socks! Isn't it wonderful when a project just grabs you like that? :-)


It's nice to see you in the loop again. Oops, sorry, that pun wasn't even intended. Anyhow, the sock is wonderful and the color just gorgeous.


That's just gorgeous. Great color. Glad that you are doing okay.


You became one with the pattern and the yarn and was clicking away. That is Knitting Nirvana and it feels great. I like that pattern and the color.
Knit on!


Beautiful colour and pattern! The texture (and the implied yumminess of yarn) is really singing to me.


Great color and pattern! I think I need to knit those now for myself!


That's the pattern I used for my Olympic Knitting project. It took a couple of pattern repeats but then it worked for me, too. I love the color of that LL.


I'm drooling over these socks! I love love love them! That green is right up my alley and I of course love the pattern as well.!!


re: red sock pattern

Embossed Leaves Socks as designed by Monda Schmidt from the Interweave Knits Winter 2005 issue

It's one of my favorites.

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