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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Persnickety Knitter

Both socks look great. I'm especially loving the pattern on the pink ones -- but I can see what you mean about needing a break from them. They look pretty intricate.


Your socks look wonderful. I enjoy looking at all the different designs. What kinds of cast-on do you use for your socks. The detail on the pink pair is interesting.


Both socks are beautiful. Are you cabling without a cable needle for the Aran sandal socks? Or do you have a teeny tiny cable needle?

Beth S.

Socks ARE interesting! I started the Aran Sandal Socks once myself, but got confused about something (I can't remember what) and ended up ripping them out. Must try again one day.

Ever been tempted by the knee-length Bavarian (or is it Austrian?) stockings in that same book? They're my dream socks.


Oooooou! Tiny stitches. Cables and twists. Gorgeous socks!
You speak to my heart ;-) All your socks are just fabulous.


I love socks, and yours are soooo stunning - it's no hardship at all to look at and read about them. :) You could knit nothing other than socks and I would be perfectly happy.

*contented sigh*


Oooh, both those look divine. Are you a tight knitter? I've always done Lorna's Laces on 1s, but lately I've been wondering if 0s would be better... I guess i have a craving for teeny tiny as well.


Both are such gorgeous colors!


Wow, I am loving all the colors of your socks you've been posting lately, so bright! So pretty! The aran sandal sock looks awesome.


Ooh, size 0s. Do they make them any smaller and if they did, would you ever consider knitting socks with those?

Great colors, by the way.


i love the aran sandal socks. i never would have picked that bright pink but it's really a great choice.


What lovely colors for the socks! And, what's with the Rowan denim ?????


Tell me, why don't I own that book yet? Although I'm not sure I could handle those Ribble socks - I don't have the patience for that much 1x1 ribbing! Time to learn Norwegian purl, maybe? Anyway, I love both colors. There's much to be said for solid sock yarn, and your recent creations have shown it off so well!


I, for one, love the socks. You can blog about socks indefinitely as far as I'm concerned!

For MJ: Addi makes 00s, 000s, and I believe 0000s (but don't quote me on that last).


I think your sock posts are very interesting. I'm also really into socks right now, and in fact just got that same book from the library just yesterday! It's fun to see some of the socks made up, and see which yarns you used. Not to mention a review of the pattern! Keep on sockin', girl!


That's some tiny cables there. I'm eager to see more! Fantastic colors too.


I can't keep up with the socks!


my brain is indeed wrinkling! i love both of those socks though!


I totally love my size 0 addi's. SO tiny, so smooth, so fast. Which reminds me, I need another set (only 1 right now) so I can knit two different socks at the same time..

I LOVE that pink, so fab!


Beautiful socks! Just keep putting the sock pics up and we'll keep oohing and ahhing. Great yarn choices by the way. The solid colors show the patterns so well.


I LOVE that you did Aran socks in frighnteningly shocking pink. If that's not thinking outside the box, I don't know what is!


I LOVE that you did Aran socks in frighteningly shocking pink. If that's not thinking outside the box, I don't know what is!


Oh how pretty! Thanks for reminding me about the aran socks. Now if I could just finish up a few things so I could only start some new socks!


Your socks are great. Little items of artistry and love. don't apologize for making too many socks. You can never have too many lovely, hand-made socks!!


I love it - keep em coming!! :-)


Who can tire of socks? Aren't they endlessly interesting to knit and blog about? And you've been making such great ones -- keep it up, we love it!

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