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Tuesday, March 07, 2006



What a great friend! You're lucky. Happy Birthday!!
So, which Ott did you end up with?

Beth S.

Wow, how lucky are you? Those socks are SO pretty. And you scored an Ott-Lite, too! Sounds like it's been a really good week. Which is especially awesome, because you were due for some Good Stuff.


I think the Ott Lite photo looks great. Which one did you choose, if I may ask?


1) I've had an ott light forever. Permanently housed on my sewing table. Why on earth I never moved it from the neglected sewing desk to next to my favorite knitting chair is just shameful on my part! I keep intending to do it, and I will...as soon as we get settled in our new house!
2) those socks! those socks! you lucky girl! I was lusting over them too and Grump doesn't even know who I am! I loved to see how they turned out considering the many blogs I've read both raving about STR, and complaining about pooling.


It was really sweet of Kathy to knit those socks for you! They are just gorgeous. Congrats on your Ott-Lite. I've read about them here and there, but I've never understood the fuss. Now I think I get it. =)


I'm sneaky, what can I say? Hehe... The Ott-lite picture looks good... a nice substitute if you can't take photographs in the morning.


Happy Birthday! Great socks!!


the ott lite pic looks great, as do those socks! happy bday!


What great gifts! You're a lucky girl!


The pictures in your blog are always EXCELLENT! The one with Ott-Lite is good too.
I love my Bomber jacket ... though not much chance to wear it when it was just finished ... so you would like yours too.
So it's your birthday? Happy Birthday to you.


Lucky you! What a great gift - something that warms the feet (heart).


Also, if anyone is interested in a ShaggyMac, the URL is http://www.shaggymac.com/. I love mine, and I think Paula will love hers, too! Hers is red! (mine is plain ol' gray)


wow, great minds think alike :) i JUST got an ott-lite and love it. my last post on my blog was filled with pictures taken under it! it's the perfect substitute for daylight photography and helps keep the eyestrain down to a tolerable level.

which one did you get? i got the one with a magnifying glas built in. i'm not blind yet, but i know that i'll need it eventually!


Wow! Those socks were for you?! How fun! How lucky! :)

Hmm, hard to tell from just that shot re: the Ott Lite. But gosh, you've reminded me that I've got one in the closet...


Those socks are lovely! That Miss Grumperina, she's a very thoughtful girl!

And a new Rowan Denim project? I drool....

Michelle from New Brunswick

The Otti lite photo looks great. It does a great job for a night shot and the jacket is coming along nicely!

Those socks are fab! What a great b-day present ... I need a few more socks under my belt before I can get my heels that good especially for someone else ;). I'm afraid my sister will have to suffer with the pair I am making her for now; maybe by xmas I will have done enough to be able to make her a really nice pair like yours ... love the pattern .. I am going to have to get the book for sure now.


An Otte Lite, a new pair of socks, and a great friend -- life sounds pretty darn good. Happy Birthday.

Oh by the way

The "shaggymac" is available here and i highly recommend it for any laptop user!



I think the lighting is not bad at all - especially when you consider the yarn color! Love the socks - lucky girl!


I too would like to know which Ott you bought!


You are a lucky girl.


Congratulations on several fronts:

You now hold the record [from my observations] of being the most prolific SockPerson I know. For Sockness Sakes! Am now spinning merino [ashland bay Midnight color] to be mixed with dyed romney [green & blue] for strength, destined to be knitted/felted slippers w leather bottoms.

On Ott; Good choice for light source. I have a floor lamp [..tl 18?] and a table lamp [tc 13]. Both are about 98% true color!!! I will get you a metameric strip, which is used to gauge color 'correctness' due to different kinds of light sources [bulbs, etc.]. It's all part of that natural light thing that you enjoy and your photo's show the reward.

Keep up the Fine work, and photo's,



Happy Birthday!

I like the way the yarn looks, with the Ott.

I was just thinking about you...and the blue yarn. Thinking "Gee, haven't seen any blue lately." :-D

Glad you can photograph pre-dawn, now!


What a great friend. Awesome socks too.


what a great gift! you lucky thing.

i've been considering getting an OTT light myself...so maybe you'll inspire me to take the plunge.


WOW! That yarn is beautiful. What a nice gift!


I've been stalking the Ott myself...which one did you get, please?


hm.. luv it :)

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