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Monday, March 13, 2006



Good girls are always drawn to bad boys, right? Love the denim.


i knit a baby sweater out of denim last summer and it did a number on me, even as small as it was! ugh, that made my wrists hurt, especially as it got larger and, thus, much much heavier. still, it turned out beautifully! it's worth the wear and tear as long as you don't do it *too* often.


Yay, for showing pics of the sweaters. It looks great. I especially love the Elizabeth I.

Beth S.

I had to dig a bit in your archive, but I see now that the yarn for E1 is Rowan 4-ply Soft. It's a wonderful color! Are you getting gauge with it, or did you fiddle with the pattern to make it work? (Substituting for Her Litigiousness's discontinued yarns is a dicey kind of endeavor--the gauge question is always the first one that comes to mind.)


That denim does sting, but the pain is worth it. Even with all the pain, you've made great progess. And I love your Elizabeth I!


sometimes a girl likes it rough ;)
but that elizabeth is one gorgeous project.


I'm living thru your denim ways...and glad to see some blue again! LOL!

Bought a ton of it - well, not a TON, but enough for 2 sweaters - and now I have tendonitis.

Elizabeth is beautiful.


Both are looking so good! Great sweaters!


I love the Elizabeth I! Where did you get the pattern?


Elizabeth I is divine! Maybe it's the juxtaposition of the two projects that you can walk and make progress on both...


I just finished a pair of the baby jeans from knitty in rowan denim. Maybe because they're so tiny, they didn't seem like work, but at the same time, I really didn't enjoy the yarn - I hated the fact that it turned by fingers blue. I'm not used to having to wash up after knitting! However, I have to say that the jeans turned out really cute....


I know EXACTLY what you mean about the denim - do your fingers get sore and slightly blue as well? It's an ace yarn and pattern though, so sure to be worth it in the end!


Yay, another Elizabeth I in the works! It's been on my "covet" list for ages; still searching for the right yarn at the right price. Beautiful work so far!


wow! elizabeth looks lovely!


Oooh, Elizabeth. Seems she has a lot of secret admirers out there! Wonderful to see her actually being made.

Can't wait to see your progress. Such a great color too.

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