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Monday, April 10, 2006



wow, look at the gorgeous stitch definition you get with denim! i might be tempted by its sultry ways :)

glad to hear you're doing better. welcome back!


well- denim =grain alcohol; but 2x2 ribbing=the worm in the tequila bottle! could be the cause of the pain. looks beautiful though - well worth it?!


Nice to see you back!

S t a c i

I'm currently knitting with cotton for the first time in my life, and experiencing the same elbow/arm muscle pain! I had no idea it had anything to do with the cotton until I read that cotton does the same thing to you! (I just thought that all of the over-doing it had finally caught up with me.) Anyway, I've found that Advil and ice go a long way, and SportsCream does nothing. :)


Love the analogy but sorry you hurt yourself. Hope the socks are more forgiving of your injuries.


Wow, the color is intense - I can totally see how it would suck you in. Maybe some whole grain alcohol would help your elbow?? ;)


I'm loving this sweater! Hey, sometimes you have to suffer for beauty.


You might need DA - Denim Anonymous.



Maybe you could just drink and think about the color for awhile and not knit with it!! The color is gorgeous, but I've heard denim is a pain to knit with. What are you working on? How's the other knit that was on sz 1 ndls?


Holy Guacamole! My wrists hurt just looking at it!

Spectacular job, tho.

May the force be with you.


Haha!! That's hilarious...whole grain alcohol...he. It's going to look great when it's done though!


It's beautiful! Even if you did have to suffer for it.


Ouch! Take care of yourself (and your joints!). That knitting is looking great, but you want to be in good enough shape to wear it when it's done! Remember: every good knitter deserves a nice massage once in a while.

Liz K.

I actually made the mistake of going bowling for the first time in probably 15 years while making a denim sweater. Oy! The wrist pain! I commisserate!



I guess the only Denim I have is finely woven cotton, as in Shirt! Or Jeans!

What a lovely pattern, and EFFORT, one that will translate into Sweat, Girl.

Keep us peeps in the Loop,



What's the loss of your elbow compared to this beauty...? It was worth it. ;-)

Miss Sophie

Hi there,

I'm also trying to knit this jacket, but I got the pattern from a magazine and I wonder whether's there a mistake in my German translation. It's said at the beginning that you need 3.25mm (that's US size 3) needles for it. Yet I don't see where this size is used in the pattern. I don't want to make an mistake but I also don't want to buy this needles and then never use them. I suppose you knit from the original Rowan pattern, would you be so kind and tell me if and when to use them?
(Sorry for my english and thanks for your help!)


I am knitting the same sweater and share your pain. Also is it posible to get even stitches with denim???

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