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Tuesday, April 18, 2006



Great gifts! I'm glad they cheered you up! But, there's Vesper ROVING? I had no idea. And I want some.


Amazing! All your gifts are lovely, and I hoped they helped to lift your spirits.


Knitting bloggers are a wonderful group aren't they?
Enjoy all your gifts, they're wonderful!

Purly Whites

Have you figured out how to make the rubber ducky light up yet? I didn't want to say anything so it would be a surprise, but then I got impatient and wanted to know. Heh.

I'm so glad you liked my little package. And all your other packages are lovely. I'm glad they helped you feel better.


Ooooh...Purly's yarn is *so* pretty! I'm glad you liked my package. I hope you are doing okay...take care!


I hope you're feeling better!


LUCKY YOU!! Can't beat sock yarn highs:-D


What lovely, thoughtful gifts from lovely, thoughtful people!


Wow. Abundant abundance! I'm glad to hear you sounding better, too. Bit by bit by bit... Take care!


look at all of that yarn booty!! you're a lucky girl, both for the yarn AND the great friends ;)

Beth S.

Warm fuzzies all around! :-)


Such wonderful gifts! What can you say? Knitters rock!


Awww, your post reminds me that there are many, many more good people than bad ones out there.


Gee that sure was nice of you to say that about my rather inelegant package. It's wonderful the Lorna's has found a good and loving home. I was sure to be reported to the Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Yarn if I'd held in in it's cedar prison for much longer.


ISN'T IT AMAZING? I tell ya, we are so lucky to have stumbled upon this here community.


Wow!! Enjoy! It is indeed a fabulous community.


Ooooh, koigu!! Koigu makes the best presents!


Man, that was stupid. Not koigu - but oooooh, pretty!!


Things like this make me very happy to be a knitter, if only for the wonderful things that knitters do for other knitters. You have some truly amazing people looking out for you.


I've just come across your blog. So sorry to hear about your grandparents. The kindness of strangers is a good thing, you must be making some impression!


What wonderful additions to your stash and it's nice to know that others are thinking of you!


Koigu was my first guess when I saw the green. Yummy yummy lucky lady:)

Teresa C

Hellooooo! Paula, are you there? Helllooooo!

Beth S.

Hey Paula--haven't seen you in my Bloglines for ages--you are missed! Come out come out wherever you are... :-)

Did you knit up any of that wonderful Sundara Yarn yet?


Paula- I just wanted to drop you a line and say that you are missed!

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