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Sunday, April 09, 2006



Yay, Paula's back!


Welcome back =) I'm glad knitting is able to carry you though these times!


I'm so glad you're back. Your blog was one of the first three I read when I first started knitting- your Marko Mittens inspired me to keep going. I too have lost grandparents- my grandmother in November then my grandfather in February of last year. Sometimes, like holidays or doing activities that remind me of them- the pain crushes my heart. But then there are periods of time when the pain is gone and the memories are only sweet. I believe that it is the loss of great people that makes one experience the gravity of life: if it were not for the intense pain of loss, joy would not be so exquisite.


It's great to see you back!


Welcome back! :-)


Welcome back! Glad to hear that you're hanging in there. And thanks for the wear review of Sundara - that's great to know.


The socks are great - I especially like that cuff treatment.
As for the grief thing, my experience has been that it comes and goes, sometimes when you least expect it. But you find your way through it and learn a lot about yourself as you do. Keep your chin up.


Glad you're back... grief's a bitch, to put it mildly, but it does get better over time.


OOOhhh, cute socks, and gorgeous colors!! Very happy to read the review of the Sundara sock yarn. That is stored away for future reference.

Glad to hear your heart is on the mend. Time really does ease the pain.


Glad to see you back. I know how hard this must be for you, but it's good to have friends that are there for you. take care of yourself.

Purly Whites

Oh, I'm so glad you've been getting so much love in this most awful time!

Love the socks! So glad they knit up well and that you are having such a positive experience with wearing them. I'm so pleased!

Simon says Meow!


Welcome back! I missed your beautiful socks.


It's like spun candy :)

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama

I just found your blog and will definitely be back! Do you mind sharing the pattern name and where I can get a copy of the socks you are knitting with the Sundara yarn? Many thanks!!!

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