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Monday, May 29, 2006



Good to have you back!
The yarn you're using for the banana socks is gorgeous.
And what a lucky Sockapaloooza pal you are, the embossed leaves socks are lovely, it's the same pattern I knit for my sock pal!


Welcome back! Those socks, your sockapaloooza and the banana socks look great! I can't wait to start knitting with my Sundara yarn.


Great to see you back Paula!


Glad to hear from you again! And I'll bet that reorganizing took quite a bit of time. Great job.


How nice to see you posting again! I'm glad that things may have calmed down for you a bit. Your sockapalooza socks are just lovely! The socks you're knitting on are pretty too. Good going on the stash re-org. Those are always fun, right?!

Jenny Raye

Oh. MY! Your Embossed Leaves socks are absolutely stunning!!!!! Must. Get. Red. Koigu. Lucky you and good on your sock pal.


Hiya, stranger! Wow, your Sockapalooza pal is a seriously gifted sock knitter - stunning!

Moths? *whimper*

Have you read the Yarn Harlot's suggestions on getting rid of moths? :D

Beth S.

Oooooh, you had a great sock pal! Those bright red Embossed Leaves are wonderful. Looks like a pretty good fit, too. And your Sundara Yarn socks are making me seriously re-evaluate my "no more sock yarn" pledge.

Glad you're back. :-)


So it is true you have so many feet to keep Socked that walking is near impossible?

Welcome back! A nice bit of organizing going on there, and I noted the stash holding wire cubes in the background. I love them; mine stand 7 cubes high and 4 wide. Only I still have to reassemble them from use at NH S&W!_!.00

Good fortune on the move, too!



God help me, I feel faint after seeing the stash!


Oh I love the embosses leaves socks! I made a pair for myself and it is such a lovely pattern. It looks like both of us are lucky pals in the sock exchange! :)

Purly Whites

Banana Split! Which I recognized from that first picture. I know my yarn.

They are adorable. I love how that yarn turned out. And your socks from your sock pal are awesome! Lucky you.


Oh my, I have a serious case of stash envy. I would love to sit in your papasan and curl up with all that yarny goodness, mmm.

So glad that you're back -- we've missed you! (And we're glad you weren't eaten by your stash!)


Yay! Glad you're back :) Your new socks look fantastic, and your stash is making me jealous. And itchy to knit right now even though I have to go to class (silly class). Looking forward to the updates!

Teresa C

Hooray! Paula is back! I hear you about the swamp. I think I saw you there, I was the one desperately gasping for breath as the quick sand pulled me under......


Glad that you are back! Your sock pal socks are lovely -- I adore that red Koigu -- so yummy!


Red Koigu...I'm in love ;o) And what gorgeous bananasocks!


It doesn't look like a lot?! It would take me years to knit all that!! Good for you for reorganizing...now go knit that stash! =)


I now what a lot looks like, and THAT is a LOT!! And I would like to try that banasplit the yarn is named after???



Funny how life can interrupt blogging! The nerve of it.

Hope your move goes smoothly and all that beautiful yarn finds its place. Love the socks too - that is indeed a great colorway.


Wow, can't believe it's been so long. My husband saw a moth while I was out yesterday, and started packing all my yarn away. How sweet is that!


I got to your blog...somehow...and have really enjoyed looking at your gorgeous projects. I'm a sockster as well - more novice though. Your sockapaloooza socks are fabulous - I'm jealous. In fact, I'm near stalker - I made a trek to the LYS to fetch the Winter Issue of IK just so I too could have socks that awesome! Keep up the great knitting and blogging - it rocks!


Hello, is anyone there? Bueller?


Beautiful socks, you're very lucky. And one day, one day, my stash will hopefully be as large as yours. However, my stash currently occupies only a bin and a half. But then again, I've been knitting for less than a year. :D

But what made me laugh was that we both have the same chair, only I have the Elora (beige) cushin. Aren't they awesome?


It DOES look like a lot though :) So what does that mean???? Wow!


Was just checkin' in. It has been awhile, hope you are well. Maybe you are plowing through your stash to make room for more yarn and don't have time to post??? But seriously, hope all is well-I enjoy reading your blog and hope to see you back soon!


where did you go?? we haven't heard from you in forever! i hope all is well. come back again soon, you hear? :)


Paula, are you ok?

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