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Wednesday, January 18, 2006



ooooh, those stripes are looking awesome. I'm using Lorna's Laces Jungle Stripe & so far, I'm loving it. These are my first socks, though, so I hope I won't have the fit problems I've heard of from others.


Oh, it looks fabulous!! I, alas, am probably about to concede that the yarn I'm trying to knit my 2nd pair of Jaywalkers from doesn't really want to be Jaywalkers... and it's right.


Your photographs are fantastic. Thanks for reminding me that I don't want to use my Bearfoot for Jaywalkers; I might use one of them for Cable Rib socks like yours. Have fun with the Vesper!! Fun colorway!!


Oooooooohh...talk about gorgeous!! I'm salivating!!


Yay for finishing the socks! And oh, my the colors for that sock are so vivid, I love it.


Do you realize that EVERYTHING on this blog is blue, green and white?? I just realized it and it looks so freaking COOL! I LOVE IT.



YumYUmYUmYUUUM on that color... I've made a bunch of sock yarn purchases lately, too- and we definitely have the same color preferences:-))


Looks great. I am now going to have to ask you under what lighting conditions and/or how much post-processing you do on your photos. I've been admiring them for some time, but this set is just so "you" that I now have to ask!


Another - your pics are great comment! Yes, let us know the background of your pics here - they ARE fantastic. I think you'll enable us with these wonderful colors you show us. Thanks for the wonderful blogging.


Cool yarn choice -- matches mine!! I'm with you, this is probably going to become my all purpose mindless sock pattern when I can't face, or the yarn doesn't suit, plain stockinette.


OH that is just beautiful. I love those colours...I must find that yarn!


Dang, look at those jaywalkers. The colors are amazing!!


Fabulous colorway, Paula!


Love your vesper colorway - happy bandwagon knitting! I've really got to hop on...


whew.........beautious.......I'm going to have to check out this yarn....Great jaywalkers I'm sure are going to result...!!!


Wooohoooo! I love it! That's the Knit and Tonic colorway, right?


Oh, I love those socks!


Thanks for the review of Vesper sockyarn, seems like I'll have to try it out sometime. I still have yet to knit my first sock, though. The socks on your site are absolutely inspiring me...you're number one on my list for "blog with the best socks", number two would be KnittingIris. =) I want to marry both your cabled socks in Bearfoot, and the Spey Valley socks. Oops, I guess that's polygamy *drool*.


This looks like lovely stuff. I love the colors. Don't feel like you're cheating - you're just diversifying!

PS: I caved the other night and bought yarn for my first ever sweater. I'm going to do it whether it comes out looking wacky or not!


B-e-a-utiful socks in progress! I love those colors.


My first Jaywalker attempt was exactly like that. Difficult to get over the heel. I'm going to have to try it with some different yarn!


Aren't the Jaywalkersfun to knit? I can't believe I just said that after frogging 3 times. *sigh*


Oh, YAY! Thanks for plug!! Can't way to see those babies finished! Your co-worker socks are fab too!


The colors are so beautiful!

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