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Monday, January 23, 2006



Self-striping is the way to go for sure! I'm happy that they fit :).


Very pretty color and socks. You make the vesper yarn sound simply yummy!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

I'm not a sock knitter but these are truly inspiring. Enjoy them.


They look great!
I'm with the other bloggers, the stuff feels just like the knit picks.


Fabulous! I love the colors. And I'm with you as soon as I fall in love with something, it's sold out or discontinued!


Beautiful socks. The colors are just great.


There's a lovely lack of pooling there - is that the self-stripy ness or did you do something deliberate?


Completely stunning! I think there was Vesper for sale last Tuesday evening, for about an hour. It went fast...


The sock looks great. That yarn will certainly be going on my list for future purchases (there better be more soon!)

So nice to have met you on Sunday and see your gorgeous Rogue.


You're socks are lovely. If not knitpicks, it's probably kona superwash or monty yarn. Here is a link --> http://www.recycledsilk.com/henrywool2.html. Vesper is always sold out or sells out before I can get to it. I got fed up waiting around fot it so I investigated on how to make my own. That was the yarn I found.


Great sock! The pattern looks great with the Vesper yarn.

I'm with you - I think the yarn is slightly different than the Knit Picks, but I'm not sure what the difference is. But the yarn is fantastic, that's for sure!


Paula, it was great seeing you! Igor and Kimba give Paula their seal of approval.


oooh, those are some pretty jaywalkers! Love the yarn.....must have some!


Knitpicks or not, it's great yarn and is soo much fun to knit. Looks great.

Beth S.

Geez, that's a lovely sock. Really really lovely. I like the chartreuse in it--livens the whole thing right up.

It was very cool to see you (and your Rogue! Yours was the deep teal blue one, right?)


How do you like your Ashford Joy? And did Doug tell you where you might find classes about spinning on them?

Just starting my research...

Chris Q

I love the vesper, and just started some jaywalkers myself. I think it's my favorite. and I guess I don't care if it's the kp color your own or something else... ;-)


Pshaw, the locks are in a good home, who could want more! I think most of us who wanted to got quite the haul :)

Purly Whites

Vesper is totally the Knit Picks stuff. And be careful, it does not wash well. My friend knit up some of this Vesper yarn and the first time she washed it, it felted and shrunk. I personally think it's crap yarn, but that's just me. I'm clearly a yarn snob.


Damn! I totally missed the partridge...and the pear tree for that matter.

It was fabulous to see you again, though, especially with having a chance to chat!


Your jaywalkers are awesome - love the stripes and the colors are very nice.


30-something *odd* feet? Was there a one-legged (or three-legged) person at this gathering? Or was it just that someone had only finished one sock... heheh.

The Jaywalkers look great. I really want to try the pattern but I suppose I should first make the other sock of my first pair of socks... which got waylaid by Christmas knitting.


Hello Paula,


While blushing a little, it was a pleasure to pass on some of what I have experienced about spinning. Working with others is one of the greater joys!_!.0o

What a great Gathering on Sunday! WoW several times over. Someone pointed out to me that your blog was on Claudia's sidebar!

On more classes [re; Beth S]: There are few manufacturer specific classes out there. Spinning in general, has the same guidelines and techniques across the spectrum, regardless of who makes a wheel. My best recommendation is to spin with other spinner[s] and continue to be the excellent quick study that you seem to be. Getting more hours on the treadle[s] is still the best way to gain experience.

It was a pleasure to meet you and Good Spinning,



You sock does look lovely. I'm particularly partial to greens so that's a definite plus in my book. And don't worry about the spinning. You'll get the hang of it!


i'm with you...i think vesper sock yarn and the jaywalker pattern are meant to go together like cheese and crakers...or scones and jam...or ... you get the idea!


Wow... those colors are stunning! Awesome!


Those are some of the slickest jaywalkers I've seen yet. I just saw that yarn earlier today, I thought about getting it, but now that I know that I can get a reasonable approximation, I'll probably just dye my own. I'm all about the green/blue stripey thing.


Cool socks! I had no idea that there were other knitting groups in Rhode Island. I am usually at RA Yarns in Warwick on the weekends, but I am game on meeting other knitters and crocheters. Hope to touch base with you all soon.


Wow, your jaywalker is gorgeous. Beautiful colors, beautiful knitting. I'm lusting after your sock.

Beth S.

O Black Olive, where art thou?...


wow - the socks....breathtaking - and SOLD on the Jaywalker pattern! I am jonesing for some of this gorgeous yarn!

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