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Sunday, February 12, 2006



Yay, JWs are done, done, done! They look great, and I understand they fit great? As I ask everyone - would you like these to appear in the gallery? Hehe...


gorgeous!!! They are really perfect!


I can't think of a more kind gift to give than one of hand-knitted socks. This extends beyond everyday living. You certainly did a wonderful thing for your grannie, and I'm sure it warms the hearts of more knitters than just I.

I'm so sorry for your loss, sweetie. I know she will always love the thought you put into your last gift to her.


Those are some stunning Jaywalkers!! Take care...


They look like the fit perfectly and come on! how much closer could those stripes get?
Enjoy them!


Pretty. Now, don't step far from the path of perfect. We will think you've been kidnapped by aliens.


They are perfectly beautiful. Funny how a pair of knitted socks or any other hand knit item seems to make it all go away, even if for one second. That my dear is why we knit. Take Care :-)


They look lovely. I'm so glad they could provide you with some measure of comfort.


Nice Jaywalkers! They look identical from here. Lovely color choice.

Beth S.

They're wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I hope they continue to give you comfort for years to come.


Oh... how lovely! I'm amazed with how close the colors are.


They look perfect to me! There's nothing better than using knitting as a quiet sanctuary during hectic times. Smile, things will get better. =)


Your jaywalkers are wonderful! Wear them and enjoy life!!!!!


And where did you find the legs to match? I have seen them in production, so now to see them being worn is rewarding for all!

HAppy Jaywalking,


Purly Whites

Awww, so comfy. Glad you had this end to your day. And I hope you ate some chocolate as well.


Oh Paula, I just saw your last post and just know that my heart goes out to you... My grandmother past away five years ago and it is still hard at times, but I know she is proud of me as your grandmother is of you :0 Lovely jaywalkers!


I'm glad that you can come home to warm socks and comfy jammies. Take care of yourself!

Cindy D

Love the pics of all your work. Wear your Jaywalkers with pride.


lovely, lovely socks!!!


Paula, they are beautiful!


Beautiful socks and I love that you sent the Spey Valleys on with your grandma. My condolences...


I was sorry to hear about your Granny. It's never easy, losing a loved one and some leave bigger "footprints" on our hearts, than others.

My Grandma was a spunky gal. I learned a lot from her and miss her every day.

Your Jaywalkers are lovely. I'm glad that they give you comfort during this difficult time.


You know I have now seen two pairs of Jaywalkers knitted with Vesper yarn, and that truely is my favourite combination. These ones are absolutely gorgeous!

Well done.


I love that colorway!

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