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When I was in my first trimester, desperate for any safe relief from the day-long nausea, I was told to try ginger - Ancient Chinese Secret! Being generally too barfy to keep down bubbly ginger ale or even moderate volumes of ginger tea, ginger Altoids were my next thought.

Ugh. Mistake, that.


The nice thing about Jolly Ranchers Stix is, you have the potential to accidentally amputate your damm tongue. How many other candies can double as a shiv in time of need? I'll have an Apple, please. and 1 pack each of every flavor Adams Sour Fruit gum.


you are so right about the jolly rancher sticks (i was addicited for awhile). they are way better than the squares. (a 31 year, candy aficionado)


Try ‘crystallized ginger’ (or ‘crystallised’ if you want Brit suppliers) on Google. It’s more sugary than gingery. Preserved nutmeg is good, too. It’s a speciality of Penang (in Malaysia).

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